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Coffee Bean Candle Holders

Something Modern

This candle holder is the perfect center piece for your outdoor table.   Not only are they visually interesting, when the candles warm up the coffee beans, they give off a great scent.


Coffee Bean Candle Holders


3 small white dipping sauce cups (we got ours at Target)

1 ½ cup coffee beans (we got tiramisu flavored beans from Fresh Market)

3 tea candles with clear holders (we got a pack at Pier 1 imports)


Fill all three cups with coffee beans until almost full. (leave room for the tea candle or it will overflow)  Place a tea candle in the center of each cup pushing each candle down until it is only showing a little bit. 
Once the tea candles are in place you can light them.

*Caution NEVER leave burning candles unattended*


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