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Blackboard Cupcakes

Something Sweet

A great back to school treat for the kids!

Blackboard Cupcakes


White frosting

1 tube yellow gel food coloring – 4 drops to mix with frosting covers 5 cupcakes (we used Betty Crocker Classic Gel Food Colors)

1 tube green gel food coloring (for M&M decoration)


Red and green M&M’s

Chocolate-covered graham crackers

White Good & Plenty candies 


Bake cupcakes as directed on box and let cool.

Gradually mix 3 tablespoons of white frosting with 5 drops of yellow gel food coloring in a small bowl (add more gel if you want a darker yellow.)

Cover the cupcakes with the yellow frosting and allow them to sit for 15 minutes before decorating. (this amount should cover 5-6 cupcakes.)

Dab each red and green M&M with a bit of green frosting for the apple’s leaf, then set them aside.

Place the chocolate-covered graham crackers (blackboard) into the cupcake, add M&M (apples) and a piece of Good & Plenty (chalk), as shown.


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