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Cute Monster Cupcakes

Something Sweet: 13 Days of Halloween Tricks & Treats

Here is a super cute cupcake idea for Halloween!

Cute Monster Cupcakes



1 Can Chocolate Frosting

1 Pack Marshmallows

1 box Fruit Snacks (we used Market Pantry from Target)

1 pack black licorice laces, 14 pieces cut into 1/2-inches (makes 3 cupcakes)


Bake cupcakes as directed on box and let cool.

Cover the cupcakes with the chocolate frosting and allow them to sit for 15 minutes before decorating.

Place two marshmallows on top of each cupcake pressing gently.  Place two fruit snacks into each marshmallow to form the eyes, using frosting to stick them on.  Place a fruit snack on the cupcake to form the nose.  Place two or three pieces of licorice on the side to form the arms.


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